Tuesday, June 12, 2012

i.Fairy new vials with Hologram Sticker!

I haven't been blogging lately.. Bec0z I've been busy with my assignment!! OMG!!
So, here are some treats for you guys~

 I had update for i.Fairy's new vials.. So you guys can see and differenciate between FAKE and REAL i.Fairy lenses.. See how much I love you??

 Please, if you wanna take my pic that's fine with me, but please don't remove the watermark,
or at least put some credits.. Ok??

i.Fairy Binky~

i.Fairy Avoir

i.Fairy Lucious

This is so you guys can see clearer the pic of the hologram~
i.Fairy Venus

 i.Fairy Eclipse

i.Fairy Hera

Vials of i.Fairy Hera and Binky is quite similar.. haha

And below are some failed random pictures~
i.Fairy MoeMoe

For you who love red lenses..

Another branch of i.Fairy lenses, Kimchi Bambi

Well, That's all...
Actually I got more. But then all of them look similar.. lol
I hope you guys are doing well, and also don't buy the fake and cheap lenses..
It's very dangerous~ ^^
Love you like a love song....

Thank you for reading..
Feel free to leave a comment

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